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This picture was taken in Fukui City, Japan, in May 2012.

Dr. Tomoyuki Yamakami, Ph.D.

I have been looking for young talented Ph.D. students and young ambitious post-doctoral fellows, who would like to work with me.


Around 1984, I started working on the foundation of mathematics and much later on computational complexity theory. To my surprise, I am still working on the same research fields!


If you would like to study in Japan, various financial supports are available from Japanese Government as well as the University of Fukui. So, if you are willing to work with me in the next academic year, please drop me a line. I am happy to reply to you!


JSPS Post-Doctoral Fellowship

JSPS Invitational Researcher Fellowship

MEXT Scholarship for Study in Japan


If you are wondering what subject to pursue for your Ph.D. thesis, take a look at the following lecture slides, which summarize my past research on computational complexity. 


Lecture Slides on My Past Research  (15 weeks)


You can watch videos of my conference talks at YouTube.

Videos of My Talks  (in English)

Department of Information Science

University of Fukui

3-9-1 Bunkyo, Fukui City

Fukui 910-8507, Japan

To contact me:

Phone: +81-776-27-8587

Fax: +81-776-27-8751 (c/o Dr. Yamakami)