Courses and Lectures

Dr. Tomoyuki Yamakami

Introduction to Information Science (2011)

This course covers a wide scope of compu0ter science topics.

Pre-Exam Questions (midterm exam)

Pre-Exam Questions (final exam)

Important Information

This website includes various important information concerning lectures and courses taught by Dr. Tomoyuki Yamakami.

Current Office Hour: Tuesdays, 13:3015;30, Office 520

Programming I (N/A)

This course gives an introduction to C programming.

Mathematics Exercises (2011)

This class is supplemental to various mathematics courses.

Inter-Disciplinary Course (N/A)

This course helps students build small robots.

Computational Complexity (2011)

This course covers basic topics in computational complexity theory.

Student Seminars (every year)

Weekly seminars help senior students to write graduation theses.

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